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Loft conversions 2.21

Where a new storey is added through conversion to create a storey above 4.5m, both of the following should apply.

a. The full extent of the escape route should be addressed.

b. Fire resisting doors (minimum E 20) and partitions (minimum REI 30) should be provided, including upgrading the existing doors where necessary. NOTE: Where the layout is open plan, new partitions should be provided to enclose the escape route (Diagram 2.2). 2.22 Where it is undesirable to replace existing doors because of historical or architectural merit, the possibility of retaining, and where necessary upgrading, they should be investigated. 2.23

An alternative approach to that described in paragraph 2.21 would be to comply with all of the following.

a. Provide sprinkler protection to the open-plan areas.

b. Provide a fire-resisting partition (minimum REI 30) and door (minimum E 20) to separate the ground storey from the upper storeys. The door should allow occupants of the loft room access to a first storey escape window.

c. Separate cooking facilities from the open-plan area with fire-resisting construction

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