MayDay Fire Protection Services
Mayday Fire Protection ServicesPrevention, Detection, Containment, Evacuation and Training

Mayday Fire Safety and Protection Services

Mayday Fire Protection Services Ltd was established in 1998.

We specialise in a full range of fire protection and fire safety services across all sectors including Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Marine with a strong presence in HealthCare and Hospitals. From the design, install and commissioning of fire safety, protection and security systems, to testing and compliance in accordance with the relevant legislation and building codes as well as providing service and maintenance to existing systems.

An added benefit to our customers is our access to and expertise in a wide range of fire systems and products. As we are brand agnostic, we have experience in servicing multiple brands and can also provide our customers with access to fire protection products and systems from a variety of manufacturers. In addition to this, our advice and recommendations will also be based on what is most suitable for our customers according to their system requirements rather than recommendations based on brand alliances.