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Fire & safety equipment servicing

At MayDay Fire Protection & Services we specialise in the safety, supply, servicing and maintenance of fire safety equipment for the domestic, commercial & also the marine markets ensuring that your home and your business stay secure and safe if the worst were to happen.

Price list for the supply of fire extinguishers complete to British standards: Brand Thomas Glover & Powerx

All Prices Quoted are Excluding VAT


PAT Testing from £1.00 per appliance
Fire risk assessments from £65.00
Monthly testing of emergency lights from £25.00
Weekly testing of fire alarms from £10.00
Fire alarm and emergency light servicing from £65.00


6 litre foam £22.80
9 litre foam £25.75
2kg powder £13.28
4kg dry powder £22.00
6kg dry powder £23.00
9kg dry powder £25.50
6 litre wet chemical £72.38
3 litre water with additive £23.50
6 litre water S/P £19.46
9 litre water S/P £21.50
6 litre S/Steel water £59.69
9 litre S/Steel water £62.50
6 litre foam £64.50
9 litre foam £67.50
2 kg Co2 Alloy £25.00
5kg C02 Alloy £47.50
2kg C02 steel £23.50
5kg C02 steel £44.50