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Air circulation systems 2.8

Air circulation systems 2.8Air circulation systems which circulate air within an individual dwellinghouse with a floor more than 4.5m above ground level should meet the guidance given in paragraph 2.9.

2.9 All of the following precautions should be taken to avoid the spread of smoke and fire to the protected stairway.
a. Transfer grilles should not be fitted in any wall, door, floor or ceiling of the stair enclosure.

b. Any duct passing through the stair enclosure should be rigid steel. Joints between the ductwork and stair enclosure should be fire-stopped.

c. Ventilation ducts supplying or extracting air directly to or from a protected stairway should not serve other areas as well.

d. Any system of mechanical ventilation which recirculates air and which serves both the stair and other areas should be designed to shut down on the detection of smoke within the system.

e. For ducted warm air heating systems, a room thermostat should be sited in the living room. It should be mounted at a height between 1370mm and 1830mm above the floor. The maximum setting should be 27°C. NOTE: Ventilation ducts passing through compartment walls should comply with the guidance.