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Fire Warning and Escape

The Government has just released the latest amendments to fire regulation.

The building shall be designed and constructed so that there are appropriate provisions for the early warning of fire, and appropriate means of escape in case of fire from the building to a place of safety outside the building capable of being safely and effectively used at all material times.

Intention In the Secretary of State’s view, requirement B1 is met by achieving all of the following.

  1. There are sufficient means for giving early warning of fire to people in the building.
  2. All people can escape to a place of safety without external assistance.
  3. Escape routes are suitably located, sufficient in number and of adequate capacity.
  4. Where necessary, escape routes are sufficiently protected from the effects of fire and smoke.
  5. Escape routes are adequately lit and exits are suitably signed.
  6. There are appropriate provisions to limit the ingress of smoke to the escape routes or to restrict the spread of fire and remove smoke.
  7. For buildings containing flats, there are appropriate provisions to support a stay put evacuation strategy. The extent to which any of these measures are necessary is dependent on the use of the building, its size and its height.
  8. Building work and material changes of use subject to requirement B1 include both new and existing buildings.